We are currently inviting interested and motivated individuals to join us in our brand’s global growth as an affiliate of KEEXS
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You start by promoting or recommending us to your friends or followers by giving them a 7.5% discount code (which we will provide to you upon sign-up) and your unique KEEXS website link. This 7.5% discount code helps to encourage them to buy.

Once they click on your unique link and make a purchase within 30 days, we pay you 7.5% of that sale. This link is unique and created just for you, so that we can track how many sales actually came from your referrals.

The more people you recommend to buy something from us, the more money you earn. It’s as simple as that. And if you ask your friends to share your unique link on their social media and their friends buy, you get paid too.

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For any questions, please contact us through your affiliate dashboard messaging system, or email us at tribe@keexs.com

Good luck and welcome aboard!