• SLIP ON Gray: Aponle

    Gray is the color of intellect, knowledge, and wisdom.Gray is at peace with itself. Like the wise crone or sage, it remains quietly in the background observing, detached, having no need to compete or prove anything. Like a standing stone, its strength is quiet, timeless, and classic. It is a sophisticated and connotes responsibility and conservative practicality.

    Amongst Lagosians and most African Traditions it is believed that the more they age and develop grey hairs the wiser they become. Elders were andare the guardians of the culture, traditions, and history of the people.It is extremely important to visit and consult with the elders in order to remain grounded in our origin and values as a people. Deeply ingrained within the tradition of the Yoruba people is the unique way of greeting eldersby the males commonly known as prostration (doba’le).  For females the greeting, also known as ikun’le, is done by bowing on one or both knees.

    Respect them and Learn from them.

    Upper Material: PU Leather
    Cup Sole material: Rubber
    Laced Low Sneakers
    Superior Quality

    Weight (kg) 0.48 – 0.65
    Upper Colours: Basic (Grey) or Art Inspired Designs
    Heel Type – Flat
    Style – Casual, Afrocentric, Urban
    Fastening – Lace-up
    Heel Height – Low (0″ to 1″)

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